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Tenant referencing scheme

Selective licensing gives local councils, like us, powers to regulate landlords and managing agents of private rented property in certain areas. These areas tend to suffer from low housing demand and/or high levels of anti-social behaviour.

We recommend all landlords carry out their own reference checks but if your property is within a selective licensing area, we can support you in this process through our tenant referencing scheme.

Applying for a reference check for a prospective tenant

Please contact us for an application pack.

What we'll do on your behalf

The information and documentation provided will help us to:

  • work with various agencies, including the Police, and other landlords to access the prospective tenant's previous rental history (up to five years),
  • provide you with relevant information to help you make an informed decision on whether to let your property to this person,
  • help you work with them to make it a successful, longer-term tenancy,
  • provide you with tenancy support should you encounter future problems with the tenant after using the referencing service.

Important - a note about consent

Without appropriate signatures we will be unable to carry out the reference check. As the landlord, you must ensure that all prospective tenants, and any member of the household over the age of 16, complete a separate reference request and informed consent form. Each reference request form MUST be signed by the prospective tenant and the landlord. The informed consent form MUST be signed by the prospective tenant.

Proof of identity

The prospective tenant must provide proof of identity to accompany the reference check. What is acceptable is detailed in the application pack.

More information and support

Contact us for further help and information.

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