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Stanley AAP board members

Find information about the Stanley Area Action Partnership (AAP) board members.

Stanley AAP board consists of 21 members. There are three groups, each consisting of seven members, which are public representatives, service partners and councillors.

Public representatives

  • Vicky Walton
  • Kevin Howe
  • Liam Bell
  • Nerise Oldfield-Thompson
  • Douglas Carmichael
  • Katie Platton
  • Linda Tyman

Partner representatives

  • TBC (Durham Constabulary)
  • Nancy Elliott (North Durham CCG)
  • Alan Tubman (Karbon Homes)
  • Carol Payne & Helen Ferguson (Durham County Council)
  • Rob Cherrie (Fire and Rescue Service)
  • Karen Brown (Business Representative)
  • Susan Tron (Durham Community Action)

* Durham County Council representation is interchangeable depending on issues arising

Councillor representatives

  • Cllr Lyn Boyd
  • Cllr Lewis Christie (Town Council Rep)
  • Cllr Mark Davinson
  • Cllr Carole Hampson
  • Cllr Olga Milburn
  • Cllr Joan Nicholson
  • Jeanette Stephenson
Contact us
Area Action Partnership - Stanley
03000 265 323
Our address is:
  • Front Street
  • Stanley
  • County Durham
  • United Kingdom
  • DH9 0SU
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