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Apply for an emergency or urgent temporary road, path or public right of way closure

If you need to close a road, path or public right of way, urgently or for an emergency, you must apply for a closure

If you require an immediate closure for an emergency or urgent situation contact us at and we will issue a Emergency Temporary Traffic Regulation Notice (ETTRN).

Emergency work covers repairs that may be a danger to life or to the structure of the road, footpath or right of way such as a burst water main, or collapsed structure.

Urgent work covers repairs to essential supplies or services.

How long you can have the closure for

You must notify us of the start of the work no later than two hours after it has started.

Emergency work may last up to 21 days and can be extended by a second 21 day period if necessary. For an extension, you must notify us no later than 10.00am of the last working weekday before the notice expires.

Urgent work can last up to five days.

What you need to tell us

You will need provide the following information:

  • a traffic management plan identifying the section of road, path or right of way that has been closed. This needs to include full details of any proposed diversion route and signage in compliance with Chapter 8 of the Traffic Signs Manual.
  • why the closure has happened
  • the start date of the closure
  • how long the closure will last
  • whether the closure will be during working hours only or 24 hours a day
  • whether the work will be carried out through the night
  • any exemptions permitted to the closure such as access for pedestrians, cyclists, emergency services
  • 24 hour contact details of the person or organisation responsible for the work and your customer services contact (if appropriate)
  • confirmation that all staff installing temporary traffic management are LANTRA qualified


The fee for each Notice is £262.

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Temporary road closures
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