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Assisted Moving and Handling

This course is designed for all those working within health and social care and provide hands on care to service users and patients in all care settings and provides knowledge and skills that are transferable across services.

Learning method

The course is a mix of both E-Learning and hands on practical based learning. The E-Learning element covers all aspects of Health and Safety and Manual Handling Legislation and elements of looking after yourself physically when undertaking moving and handling as part of care practice.

There is a short test to accompany the E-Learning elements.

Practical training

This course aims to provide support, advice and practical solutions in relation to the safer moving and handling of people in all care settings. All practical elements of training will be held in a training room setting with a range of equipment to practice with.

We will work through a range of safer principles of handling in relation to supporting the service user with their mobility and everyday tasks such as standing, walking, sitting and getting in and out of bed.

The course will also provide guidance and instruction on a range of moving and handling equipment including hoists, slings, standing and transferring equipment, slide sheets and in bed systems and equipment used to raise people from the floor.

Course benefits

Gain skills and knowledge in relation to safer working practice.

Improve your understanding of the importance of maintaining your safety at work and those you care for.

Transferable practical skills that can be developed to meet the needs of a variety of health and social care environments.

How to book

To book this course, please contact us.

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