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Funding for technology to help improve adult social care provider services

The Technology Improvement and Innovation Fund (TIIF) aims to support adult social care providers with up to £1000 to improve their service through information technology.

The TIIF is a new fund and will not replace any existing or previous funding.

What the fund can be used for

This funding will help providers to come up with innovative options and initiatives to create efficient and improved service delivery, using the latest technologies and digital solutions. Any new technology to improve the services you offer can be considered for funding through the TIIF.

This could include: 

  • installing a fast broadband connection
  • wifi boosters or other equipment to improve broadband signal
  • buying smartphones, laptops or tablets with useful functionality such as a camera for video conferencing and data contracts
  • buying a hand - held computer with voice-to-text software
  • buying software such as Microsoft 365, anti virus, record or staff management, event logging
  • digital building locking systems
  • using systems that could reduce social isolation or improve independence such as Facebook portal or Alexa

Who is eligible

To apply for the funding you must:

  • provide residential, nursing or domiciliary care services within County Durham
  • spend any funding awarded during the 2020/21 financial year


Providers have now informed of the outcome of their TIIF applications. Further details will be shared on this webpage as the work progresses. 

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