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Road maintenance

As the Highway Authority, we have a responsibility for the maintenance of all adopted roads within the county.

Road maintenance schemes

We carry out a variety of road maintenance schemes throughout the year, these include:

  • minor patching works
  • micro asphalt resurfacing
  • surface dressing
  • resurfacing
  • full reconstruction

Damaged road surfaces and potholes can cause inconvenience and damage to road users and vehicles. To minimise the risk of damage and potholes becoming a major hazard to road users, all of the adopted road network within the county is inspected on a regular basis. For further information on the inspection regime please visit our Highway Safety Inspections web page.

The severity of a pothole and therefore its priority for treatment, is determined by the risk it poses to users of the road or footway. The severity is difficult to judge as all potholes will present some risk, but it takes into account lots of factors including size and depth, traffic or pedestrian flows and position of the pothole in the road or footway relative to the normal track taken by vehicles or pedestrians.

Transport Asset Management Plan (TAMP)

Local councils have for many years been required to demonstrate that they are making best use of their property and other assets through asset management plans. To comply with this requirement, the preparation of an asset management plan for transport-related assets, including the highway is being carried out.

Transport Asset Management Plan policy and report documents below:

Highway maintenance plan

The processes behind how we fulfil this responsibility are fully detailed in our Highway Maintenance Plan (HMP) which is reviewed regularly and updated when required. The latest version, updated in 2018, of the HMP can be viewed using the link below:


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