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Bereavement support

Dealing with bereavement and grief is hard at any time but is likely to be especially so during the coronavirus pandemic. We've pulled together some useful information and support for you and your family to help you during these difficult times.

Help a child following a death

As a parent/carer it can be hard to understand the concept of loss in children and young people so we've pulled together useful advice from other parents and professionals to help you.

Icon for pdf Bereavement support video transcript (PDF, 108.6kb)

Talk to your child about loss:

  • Explain to your child in an age-appropriate way what's happened, using clear language.
  • Let them know that it's okay to feel however they feel and that there's no right or wrong way to grieve.
  • Be curious and non-judgmental about how they're feeling, focusing on listening and providing emotional support. Try to think about things from their point of view.
  • Reassure them they're not alone and they can talk to you whenever they need to.
  • If you're worried your child may be blaming themselves, reassure them that guilt is a common thing to feel - but that it is in no way their fault or responsibility.

Support available for children and families

Support for adults

    Help and support specific to Covid19

    There are a number of organisations who provide advice and support for dealing with death and grief during the current Coronavirus pandemic.

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