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Ask a question at Cabinet

Members of the public can ask questions at our Cabinet meetings.

Asking a Question

You have the opportunity to ask the Cabinet a question at every ordinary Cabinet and the Leader of the Council meeting on matters that concern or interest you. Questions can be submitted no later than 12.00 noon three working days before the date of the meeting.

  • Priority will be given to those questions submitted in advance.
  • If you are asking a question that is substantially the same as one that has already been responded to, you will be forwarded a copy of the previous question and response instead of being allowed to ask the question in person.

You can submit questions beforehand by contacting us using the details on this page.

Please note that public questions cannot be asked at special meetings of the Cabinet, unless the question specifically relates to an item on the agenda.

Protocol for members of the public wishing to speak at Cabinet

The Cabinet meeting begins at 10:00am with questions from the public.  Members of the public are free to stay and watch the Cabinet conduct its business after this item. There is also an opportunity to ask a question about an agenda item. These must be submitted in advance.

  • If you wish to speak about a matter being considered at the meeting, you must contact us, indicating the item you wish to speak on, no later than 12.00 noon three working days before the date of the meeting.
  • If a group of people wish to speak on an item they will be asked to elect a spokesperson. You are advised to be at the venue for the Cabinet meeting in good time to arrange who this will be.
  • A representative from the council will be on hand to greet members of the public, record their name and advise them where to sit. The representative will also advise whether it is necessary to elect a spokesperson.
  • Generally, representations will be the subject of a five minute time limit (except at the discretion of the chairman of the meeting).
Contact us
Cabinet Questions
03000 269 708/711
Our address is:
  • Legal and Democratic Services
  • Executive Committee Team
  • County Hall
  • Durham
  • County Durham
  • United Kingdom
  • DH1 5UL
0191 383 4206
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