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View the latest statement from LA7 leaders (8 March) - Support throughout the road to recovery

East Durham Rural Corridor AAP Board meetings

We hold regular Board meetings where we put plans and actions in place to help community groups and local organisations develop projects that meet our AAP priorities.

Due to Covid-19, all Board meetings are cancelled. We are updating our AAP Facebook page with any local information regarding the coronavirus. This includes changes to services or support in your area.

The Board also looks at how those projects are progressing and gets involved in consultations on local issues. 

Follow East Durham Rural Corridor AAP on Facebook for the latest meeting information.

Board meetings

Anyone can attend a board meeting. For further information and to check meeting arrangements please contact us.

Future AAP board meeting dates

All meetings start at 5.00pm.

  • There are no meetings scheduled at the moment.

If you would like to attend you are advised to contact us beforehand to confirm arrangements. 

Minutes and summaries of previous meetings

We aim to publish minutes once they are approved at the following meeting. For copies of meeting minutes not listed above, please contact us.

Board members

East Durham Rural Corridor AAP is made up of seven public representatives, seven partner representatives, six county councillors and a representative from the local parish councils.

Public representativesPartner representativesCounty and parish representatives
Allan BlakemoreNeighbourhood Inspector Sarah Honeyman (Police) Cllr John Robinson (Sedgefield)
Eileen DickinsonJohn Trowell / Chris Williams (Fire)Cllr Jude Grant (Trimdon & Thornley)
Jen Straughan-HawleyClair White (Clinical Commissioning Group) Cllr David Brown (Sedgefield)
Clive Crosby Malcolm Gray (Housing) Cllr Stuart Dunn (Coxhoe)
Christine CarterAngela Stobbart (County Durham Housing Group)Cllr Maura McKeon (Coxhoe)
Christine VartyMichelle Atkinson (Council Representative)Cllr Lucy Hovvels (Trimdon & Thornley) 
Melvyn CarrTony Cutmore (The Cornforth Partnership)Cllr Bernie Oliver (parish)
  Cllr Peter Brookes (Trimdon & Thornley) (alternate)
  Parish Cllr Kathleen Dowson (Fishburn Parish Council) (alternate)
Contact us
Area Action Partnership - East Durham Rural Corridor
03000 261 129
Our address is:
  • The Manor House
  • West End
  • Sedgefield
  • County Durham
  • United Kingdom
  • TS21 2BW
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