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The government has announced further restrictions on mixing between households in any indoor setting in County Durham, in a bid to control the rising infection rates of COVID-19. Find out more about the latest measures at Indoor inter-household mixing restricted in parts of the North East

Apply for funding through Bishop Auckland and Shildon AAP

We have access to almost £145,000 of funding to support our local community groups and organisations. You have to apply for funding, but we can help you complete the application forms.

We are updating our AAP Facebook page with any local information regarding the coronavirus. This includes changes to services or support in your area.

All AAPs have access to the funding below.

FundingWho can applyAmount you can apply forTotal available
Area budgetProjects that address main AAP prioritiesOver £5000£100,000
Older Person's Social Isolation FundProjects looking to address issues of social isolation with the over 50'sOver £5000£25,000
Welfare Reform fundProjects that are looking to tackle issues relating welfare, benefits and employmentOver £5000£10,000
Youth FundProjects working with young people 11 years and overBetween £1000 and £3300 £9902

Visit Bishop Auckland and Shildon AAP priorities to see our current list of priorities. If your project addresses one of these priorities, you may be able to apply for our area budget.

2020-2021 Call for projects is now live

Bishop Auckland and Shildon AAP, along with the other 13 AAPs across the county, have been working intensively to help deliver emergency schemes to support our residents and communities in combating the challenges presented as a result of the COVID pandemic. Included within the wide-ranging work which AAPs have undertaken since the outbreak of the pandemic, is the allocation of over £100,000 to projects within the Bishop Auckland and Shildon AAP area.

Although there continues to be global uncertainty as to how the pandemic will be managed moving forward, the Bishop Auckland and Shildon AAP is progressing with their Area Budget allocations for the 2020/21 financial year.

Taking into consideration the challenging situation we all find ourselves in, it has been agreed that there will be a generic focus, this financial year, on COVID Recovery. COVID Recovery could mean many different things, depending on the environment you are delivering in and the community within which your work is carried out. Taking on board the wide-ranging remit that COVID Recovery could cover, we have provided a list below of the potential areas that we would like to see projects focus on:

  • Supporting Children Young People and Families, for example support on issues relating to child poverty, finances, budgeting, affordability of living, and support for low income families.
  • Supporting individuals and families through a programme of crisis intervention, including flexible emergency provision, advice and guidance and support.
  • Health and wellbeing, for example mental health, suicide prevention, preschool/early intervention, developing resilience, coping mechanisms and physical health and wellbeing.
  • Supporting Older People for example support with social isolation, bereavement, loss of mobility, poor quality living conditions, being and/or becoming a carer and health and wellbeing.
  • Employment support for the unemployed, for example long term unemployed and those furthest from the labour market, projects that support the mental health and wellbeing of the unemployed, digital inclusion and support for job seekers in particular those under 25 and over 50.
  • Support for the Voluntary and Community Sector.

Please note: that this is not an exhaustive list and there may be other recovery areas that need to be taken into consideration.

Taking the information above into consideration, the Bishop Auckland and Shildon AAP would like to invite organisations and groups to submit potential project proposals based on the COVID Recovery theme and the suggested area/s highlighted above.

AAP funding should plug gaps in mainstream provision and add value to other funds and programmes wherever possible.  We are therefore looking for projects that can both supplement existing activity and maximise match-funding opportunities.   A minimum of £5,000 funding can be applied for. 

AAP Budgets are limited and the total funding available is £144,902.  Match funding is encouraged and will be looked upon favourably.  Funding can be applied for both revenue and capital projects

If you want to discuss any proposals you may have or if you simply want to obtain an application form, then please use the contact details below. The deadline for receiving applications is 12.00pm, Monday 12 October 2020.

Please contact us for further information.

Neighbourhood budget

Each county councillor has a budget of £19,400 that they can allocate to projects in the local community. You have to apply for funding.

How to apply

If you have a project idea you will need to discuss this with and get the support of your local County Councillor before an application can be considered.

See Your Councillors for a list of  councillor contact details and information on the local projects they have supported with their Neighbourhood Budget.

Other sources of funding

If you are looking for funding for your community group - including sports clubs, local charities, school fundraising groups and credit unions - sign up to our free, easy to use, community funding website to:

  • search for funding schemes available for your group
  • apply for funding
  • get advice on producing your funding application

Login or sign up to our Durham 4 Community website to search for funding available.

Contact us
Area Action Partnership - Bishop Auckland and Shildon
03000 268 663
Our address is:
  • Hackworth Park Rest House
  • Central Parade
  • Shildon
  • County Durham
  • United Kingdom
  • DL4 1DL
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