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Challenge a bus lane fine

What you need to do to challenge a bus lane fine.

NSL collect bus lane fines for us - you can go to the NSL website and select 'Durham & Darlington' from the drop down list for more ways to challenge the fine.

Any video or photographic evidence we have will be available.

The registered owner/keeper of the vehicle (or the person who has hired it) is responsible for paying the fine, regardless of whether they were the driver at the time.

Challenging a bus lane fine / Penalty Charge Notice is called 'making a representation'. Challenges:

  • can contain any mitigating circumstances
  • should include any evidence that may support your case
  • are considered on their individual merits

Mitigating circumstances

We may consider mitigating circumstances, but the following reasons will not normally be accepted:

  • you were turning left at a junction
  • you were following a sat nav that directed you into the bus lane
  • there were no buses in the bus lane at the time
  • you were only in the lane for a short time
  • you were lost
  • you did not see the signs

Letting you know the result

Decisions are normally made within 56 days. You will be informed if the fine has been cancelled.

If a challenge is received within 14 days of the PCN being issued, and is rejected, the 50% payment rate period may be reset. If it is received later than 14 days, the reduced rate is unlikely to be reset.

What happens if I don't pay?

If you don't pay your bus lane fine, and haven't successfully challenged the PCN, we can go through a series of processes to get the money from you. Find out more information about What happens if I don't pay my bus lane fine.

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