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Durham County Council

Once your school place has been accepted, please check you receive a confirmation email. If you have accepted online you do not need to contact admissions. 

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Offers of a primary school place

Offers of a primary school place for September 2017 were sent out on 13 April 2017.

Your child will receive one offer of a school place. If he/she could not be offered a place at one of your preferred schools, he/she has been offered a place at the nearest school to your home address that has places available.

How will you be contacted with an offer of a school place?

If you completed a primary school application online, you should have received an email with an offer of a school place. If you haven't received an email you should log in to the Parent Portal.

If you completed a paper application you will receive an offer of a school place by letter. 

What to do after you have received an offer of a school place

Respond to the offer

You must accept the offer of a school place within two weeks of the offer being made. You should do this in your Parent Portal account if you applied for a place online, or by return post if you did not apply online.  

Make sure you respond to avoid the offer of a school place being withdrawn and the school place being offered to someone else.

Not happy about the school place offered?

Appeal against a school place offer

To appeal for a place at the school you want your child to attend contact us to speak to an appeals officer.

Haven't yet applied for a primary school place for 2017?

The closing date to apply for a primary school place for this September was 15 January 2017.  If you have not yet applied, please fill in Primary school application form 2017 (PDF, 99kb), and return it to the address on the form - you can't apply online.

Primary school admissions brochure

Our admissions brochure explains everything you need to know about obtaining a school place for your child.

Report from local authorities to the Schools Adjudicator 

Every year we are asked to submit a report to the Schools Adjudicator in order to provide an overview of school admissions in our area. This is our latest report:

How we use your personal information

When you submit your application for a primary or secondary school place, you give your consent for us to check the address details you have given on your application with council tax and electoral registration records. This is to confirm that  you are resident at the property.

There are more details about how your data is used on our Privacy notices page.