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Information technology (IT)

Find out about our information technology (IT) courses.

We offer short, fun and interactive learning sessions that will help you improve your employability, communications skills and confidence. On some courses you will learn how to search for jobs from the internet, and how to use digital platforms to practise job applications.

If you study on one of our longer programmes, you will study a broad range of themes including: using email, using the internet, using mobile devices, word processing, using databases, publishing, data management and IT security.

Attending our courses will refresh and improve your overall IT skills and can give you a new focus and confidence to realise your potential in the world of work and specifically working in the IT sector.

The following online courses are available:

Level 2 Principles for Digital Skills

This course will help you

  • improve your digital skills for things like job searches and application
  • help you find good quality information
  • look at the importance of managing your online identity
  • look at the importance of digital skills in the workplace itself
  • how to communicate effectively using technology
  • how to protect data and devices and more

This qualification is aimed at anyone who is either in employment or searching for employment, particularly those who wish to develop their digital skills in relation to the management of information and digital safety, security and communication.

Anyone with a basic understanding of IT skills who is searching for career progression, or wishing to improve their digital skills for their own personal use, would benefit from this course.

Level 2 Certificate in IT User Skills

This course will encourage you to think about and learn

  • how IT can be used in different ways including in everyday life
  • to consider the best software and tools for specific tasks; to improve your productivity and efficiency
  • about the importance of IT security; from unwanted emails and spam, to computer viruses and firewalls.

As you progress through the course you will look in detail at presentation and spreadsheet software and will be assessed on your understanding and use of these.

This course is not for beginners, it is ideal for those who work with IT in their current job and for those who are familiar with using a computer and the Microsoft Office suite (Word, Excel and PowerPoint).

To complete this course you will need access to a computer and a basic level of IT knowledge. It would also help to have some level of confidence in producing your own documents in Word, PowerPoint and Excel (as you will need to do this as part of your assessment). 


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