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Performing animals registration

To exhibit or train any animal for public performance in County Durham, you must first register them with us.

The term 'exhibit' is defined as animals that are displayed as entertainment anywhere to which the public have access, for an entrance fee or otherwise. The term 'train' means to coach behaviour for the purpose of exhibition.

This is a requirement of the Performing Animals (Regulation) Act 1925.


The training and exhibition of any animals for legitimate military, police, agriculture or sporting purposes, as well as all invertebrates, are exempt from the conditions of this registration.

Eligibility criteria

You must not be disqualified from the training or exhibition of any animal.

Applicable fees

The fee for a performing animal registration and certification is £82. , Re-issue of a licence within the licence period due to material changes costs £20. Visits to check compliance will be charged at the relevant officer hourly rate in addition to the licence fee.

Apply online

Registration process

The application form details the conditions on which the registration will be granted, including particulars for all the animals concerned, including how they are to be trained and exhibited.

The target period for processing a correctly completed application is 60 days from receipt. If you have applied, but not heard from us by the end of the said target completion period, you have the legal right to act as though your application has been granted. This is known as tacit consent.

On receipt of an application an officer will inspect the premises and confirm the registration details. The details would then be entered on a Register and a Certificate of Registration issued.

The Register is held at the address below and is open for inspection at any reasonable time.

Complaints and advice

If you require any further information or advice regarding your application, have concerns regarding the exhibition or training of an animal, or in the event of a complaint, please contact us.

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