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Durham County Council

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Access Bus service

The Access Bus provides people who have limited mobility with a door-to-door transport service to popular shopping and leisure destinations. The bus service covers towns and villages across the county.

Your membership will be processed within seven working days.

Who is the Access Bus scheme for?

You must have a genuine mobility problem to qualify for this service. For example:

  • if you're a wheelchair user or have difficulty walking,
  • if you have a sensory impairment (blindness, deafness), or
  • if you have breathing problems or difficulty getting to the bus stop because of your health.

Your carer or a companion can also travel if you need someone to accompany you. You must include them when you make your booking.

How to book the Access Bus

To book a place call the number on your membership card. A place will be reserved if one is available. Bookings can be taken 10 days ahead of your journey. 


There is a return fare ranging from between £1.50 and £2.50.

Where will the Access Bus take me?

You can book a place on one of our buses travelling to:

  • Hartlepool
  • Darlington
  • Bishop Auckland
  • Washington Galleries
  • Metro Centre 
  • Arnison Centre/Prince Bishops Centre.

Contact us to find out when the next bus to your chosen destination will be.