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Household hazardous waste permits

Any household waste that puts health or the environment at risk must be disposed of at a specially licensed Household Waste Recycling Centre (HWRC) / tip. Hazardous waste includes chemicals like bleach, gloss or lead based paint or sprays and asbestos.

Apply for a waste permit. The permit is only valid for the date you arrange it for. The details of the waste on your permit must match what you bring. Permits can be collected from a Customer Access Point or County Hall the same day you apply.

Alternatively you can contact us or pick one up from your local customer access points

You can only apply for one permit at a time. You can choose to collect it or have it posted out to you but you must give at least 24 hours notice.

What counts as hazardous waste?

You will need a household hazardous waste permit to dispose of chemicals, gloss and lead based paint and sprays or asbestos. You don't need a hazardous waste permit for electrical goods and batteries, these can be disposed of at any HWRC.

Which tips accept hazardous waste?

  • Annfield Plain HWRC - Morrison Busty Industrial Estate, DH9 7XW
  • Horden HWRC - Peterlee, SR8 3SX
  • Romanway HWRC - Romanway Industrial Estate, Tindale Crescent, Bishop Auckland, DL14 9AW
  • Tudhoe HWRC - Tudhoe Industrial Estate, Spennymoor, DL16 6TL

Hazardous waste permits can be used from Monday to Sunday (7 days a week). Our Household Waste Recycling Centre page lists their opening times.

Access for certain types of vehicle

Only certain types of vehicles can enter a HWRC. Download Icon for pdf Who needs a waste permit (PDF, 68.0kb)  which provides more information on whether your vehicle can enter the site. 

Hazardous waste limits and safety guidelines

Ensure your waste is safely packaged and doesn't exceed the limits by following the guidelines below. 


  • Chemicals must be kept in a secure container, with the original label where possible.
  • The name of the product should be identified when you apply for a permit.
  • You are limited to two litres of chemicals per permit.
  • Site staff cannot assist with handling chemicals.

Gloss and lead paints and sprays

  • Gloss and lead paints and sprays must be firmly secured to prevent leakages.
  • If it is still in a very liquid condition please use soil or sand to thicken the paint.


  • Asbestos must be double bagged or double wrapped and sealed.
  • We will only accept white cemented asbestos, with a limit of the equivalent of 4 bags of asbestos or downpipe per resident.
  • Blue or brown fibrous asbestos will be refused.
  • We can only accept asbestos no larger than 70cm (depth) by 150cm (width) and 150cm (length).
  • Site staff cannot assist with handling asbestos.
  • Please state on the application the quantity of asbestos you have for disposal, the sizes of the items and whether the asbestos is sheets, pipes or other such as rubble.
  • Please state where in your home the waste has come from. i.e. garage roof, fireplace etc...

Mercury thermometers

  • We will accept mercury thermometers in one piece. If they are broken they must be placed in a secure plastic tub.
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