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Care Connect, our alarm service

Our alarm service, known as Care Connect, can support you to remain living independently in your home.

What is Care Connect?

Care Connect is the 24 hour emergency contact service that provides our alarm service. The alarms can help you to call for assistance if you have an accident or fall at home. They help you feel safer at home, and remain independent for longer. They can also offer peace of mind to your family and friends.

What you need to install an alarm

To install the alarm in your home, you need a working telephone line which accepts incoming and outgoing calls and have an electrical socket close by. If you don't have a telephone line, we can install a similar system that has a SIM card fitted. This carries out the same function as a telephone line, but please note this will incur an additional charge. See 'how much does it cost?' on our Apply for Care Connect page.

The alarm unit call has a higher priority than a standard telephone call to ensure your safety in an emergency. For the Care Connect equipment to work correctly, it needs to be installed in the first telephone point in your house, with all other extensions wired into the unit to make sure it works properly, even when another telephone is in use or off the hook.

How it works

If you need help, for example if you feel unwell, anxious, insecure, worried about bogus callers or have had a fall and need help to get up, pressing your button or pulling your cord will put a direct call in to our control room. We will respond to your call and offer support. We will send a member of our team to your home if necessary and we'll identify where you might need additional help or support. For example, if you have been injured through a fall, we will call an ambulance.

Read our  Icon for pdf Care Connect leaflet (PDF, 858.8kb)  to find out more.

If you need additional support

If you need additional support you can also apply for Telecare. Telecare is the name of the service we provide with the use of sensors and other equipment that can recognise when there is a problem or emergency situation in your home. There are lots of telecare items that will help you stay independent. Some examples are: fall detector, bed/chair occupancy sensor, heat detector, smoke detector, temperature extremes sensor, door exit sensor and wandering device.

You can choose to buy Telecare privately from us, or you can Get your care needs assessed through Social Care Direct.

See our Living independently - get help at home page for more information.

How to apply 

See our Apply for Care Connect page.

Customer satisfaction survey

See our  Icon for pdf Customer Satisfaction Survey Report 2019 (PDF, 245.5kb)

Contact us
Care Connect
03000 262 195
Our address is:
  • Durham County Council
  • Chilton Control Centre
  • Chilton Depot
  • Chilton
  • County Durham
  • United Kingdom
  • DL17 0SD
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