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Horden Masterplan consultation

We asked for the views of the communities of Horden to help develop a masterplan for the heart of Horden village. The master plan will look at the needs of local people, particularly housing and amenities for the future.

See our 2019 consultation on Horden Masterplan options, which outlines options developed following this consultation.


One of our key ambitions is to create sustainable communities through improving the housing offer, narrowing the deprivation and inequalities gap between communities and by establishing communities where people live, can live and want to live.

The community of Horden has experienced significant social and economic problems, with the village now being in the top 3% of the most deprived areas in England and Wales. One part of the village, known locally as the 'numbered streets' has suffered most, with the extra pressures of poor housing and environment.

What we proposed

We wanted your views and ideas to inform the masterplan about what the area needs for the future, in particular the 'numbered streets'. 

Have your say

The closing date for comments was 5 July 2018.

What happened?

Between 4 June 2018 and 5 July 2018 we consulted with residents and held drop in events, including an exhibition, online information and a survey.

We received 201 survey responses, 108 were completed online via our website.

The results of the responses received show that local residents feel that the main issues within the numbered streets is the condition of the properties, the issues caused by private landlords and tenants as well as the environment. The majority of local residents feel that the primary solution is demolition of the numbered streets followed by better control over landlords and tenants.

Next steps

There will be further consultation in April 2019  on the masterplan options before it is agreed.

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Horden masterplan consultation
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