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Relaxed performance of Robinson Crusoe at Gala

Published December 08, 2017 1.42pm

Audiences are being invited to a relaxed performance of Robinson Crusoe, this year's pantomime at the Gala Theatre.

Robinson Crusoe relaxed performance

The show takes place in a more relaxed environment

The production, which takes place on Thursday, 14 December, aims to create a less formal environment where the audience can move around or talk if they need to.

Although the show remains very similar, lighting, sound and special effects are slightly altered in order to reduce anxiety and a chill out space is also available for anyone who feels they would like to take a break.

Friendly setting

A relaxed performance is designed to welcome audiences who might otherwise feel excluded from experiencing live theatre, including those with an autistic spectrum condition, learning disability or sensory and communication disorder.

Theatre staff have been trained to create a friendly setting and assist with any additional needs that people may have.

Jo Cundall, our arts programme manager, said: "Everyone should be able to enjoy a visit to the theatre but we know that for some people worries about sound or lighting may prevent them from attending.

"This relaxed performance of the pantomime means those who might otherwise miss out can enjoy our swashbuckling show and really get into the Christmas spirit."

For more details and to buy tickets for the show, which starts at 6pm, visit Gala's website.



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