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Works on Claypath at Gilesgate roundabout

Find out about the work we have done to widen access to Claypath from Gilesgate roundabout to improve the traffic flow.

Why were the works needed?

With a growing number of larger coaches and lorries using our roads, the tight turn from Gilesgate roundabout towards Claypath was increasingly becoming a problem area, especially when drivers were unfamiliar with the turn.

If vehicles had to stop, it impacted on the flow of traffic around the roundabout, causing delays and congestion for other users and reduced the benefits of the traffic lights already installed.

The work was carried out during the summer holiday period when traffic is lighter to minimise disruption.

What improvements have been made?

We have widened the road on the city bound exit to Claypath to ensure coaches and larger vehicles can always exit the roundabout safely and without delay. This has improved the traffic flow and reduced the risk of delays and congestion.


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