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Get into cycling

Cycling is cheap, fun and easy to do. If you're new to cycling, just rusty, or you want to improve your health, this page has information to help you.

There are various cycling clubs across the county that are suitable for all ages and abilities. To find a club right for you visit our Cycling groups and clubs page.


Available to all schools in the county, Bikeability (modern-day cycling proficiency) teaches primary and secondary children how to ride their bikes safely on the road. See our  Cycling road safety schemes page for more information about the training we provide or contact your school.

Hamsterley Trailblazers also offer off-road children coaching sessions every first Saturday of the month. 


There are regular free cycling activities available throughout the county. See below for one that suits you. 

If you're new to cycling and want to know some top tips or need some expert advice, then contact us for a free copy of Bike Easy. While stocks last.

Hamsterley trailblazers

If you fancy off-road cycling visit Hamsterley Trailblazers where they have regular rides across some of the best off-road cycling in the region. 

Why cycle?

Get in shape

  • Cycling burns an average 240 calories an hour (at 10mph).
  • Regular cyclists enjoy higher levels of overall fitness.
  • In the long-term cycling has huge benefits for general health, and reducing the risk of heart disease.

Travel smart

  • Cycling is a zero carbon mode of transport which improves air quality and has a positive impact on the environment.
  • One in four car journeys are less than 2 miles. Cycling will take you about 12 minutes (at 10mph) which can be a faster option than being stuck in traffic.
  • Cycling has predictable and reliable journey times so you can always be on time.


  • Switching from driving to cycling helps avoid the stressful morning traffic jams. The Stress Management Society recommends cycling as one of the best ways of reducing stress.
  • Taking regular and moderate exercise is a great way of reducing stress while the pleasure of cycling is a great tonic for mind and body.
  • Cycling can be very sociable too, and a great way to see more of your local community.

Save money

  • The AA calculates that cars cost their owners on average £2,358 a year before the cost of fuel.
  • It's much cheaper to buy and maintain a bike than a car and you'll be saving money on fuel too.
  • You can save yourself money by switching to cycling. With every journey you replace with cycling will bring savings.
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