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Which roads and pavements we look after

Adopted highways are the roads and pavements that we are officially responsible or maintaining.

The map is an electronic copy of the Adopted Highways Record showing the publicly maintained highways within County Durham. There may be some omissions of minor rural highways in the west of the County due to absence of formal records.

The Adoption Agreements layer is also available, and shows new developments within the County which are subject to road making agreements with us. It also identifies those road and traffic schemes relevant to questions 3.4 and 3.6 on the Con 29R Local Authority search form.

To avoid misinterpretation you will only be able to view either layer's features between 1:1250 and 1:10,000 scales. Selecting, i, below on the interactive tools can be used to see extra details about a particular feature.

Information on a map

Adopted footpath: this excludes Public Rights of Way. The Definitive Map for County Durham, showing all known public rights of way and parishes, can be viewed using the Online Definitive Map.

The A1M, A19 and A66 are shown for reference only. These are maintained by the Highways England or their appointed representative.

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